Vietnam War 50th Commemoration Ceremony

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, Congressman Ed Perlmutter,

of the 7th Congressional District, in partnership with the Commemorative Partner Program as authorized by President Obama, is thanking over 600 local Vietnam Veterans in ceremonies over the next 5 months on behalf of a "Grateful Nation".

This first ceremony was held at Red Rocks Community College on March 24, 2017. Congressman Perlmutter's office is arranging for 6 more ceremonies to honor an additional 500 Veterans who answered the request to attend an award ceremony.  Among the Veterans that attended the March 24, 2017 ceremony were Bill Bates,

Rick Beaver, Carl Cavaluzzi, Dale House and Bill Robie, all members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.  The Members

received a distinctive commemorative lapel pin and a certificate signed by

Governor John E. Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado.

This program is a national outreach to Honor the estimated 7 million veterans that

served during the Vietnam War.  Our parent organization, The VHPA, is Partnered

with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to help locate and Honor every Vietnam Veteran who served on active duty during the period

November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975.



December 4, 2016, several members of our chapter were guests of the VFW Post 1, Founders Day Banquet honoring the Veterans of Vietnam. It was held at the renowned Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. Special guest that evening was Ann-Margret and her husband Roger Smith. Some of you may have seen her while "in-country". Two of our members reuited with her that evening who had the pleasure of either flying her or meeting her at one of her performances at one of the many USO shows that toured Vietnam during those years. Stanley Cass and Terry Olson among the.  I thanked Ann Margret for the many years of support of our Veterans and she said, "Why of course, You're all my boys". The banquet key note speaker was Secretary Jim Nicholson, the 5th Secretary of Veterans Affairs and a Vietnam Veteran. 


VFW Post 1, Founders Day Banquet